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Featured Domestic Deep cleaners in The Times Newspaper…

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BRS and our director Hannah Uruci were featured in The Times newspaper last Saturday, in an article discussing how the rich and well-off have reacted to the COVID-19 lockdown. The article, entitled Too rich to cook? discusses how there has been an increased interest in and an increased demand for domestic Deep cleaning.

With the COVID-19 situation being the most trending topic in the world right now, people are turning their attention toward any effort they can make in hope of potentially reducing the spread of the virus. The importance of the role that cleaning can play is still not fully understood, but, the media is in general beginning to emphasise the need for clean work premises and for clean homes.

Our company over 7 years of experience and Deep cleaning is one of our most popular services which we have been doing right since the start. Clients requesting such cleans right now, are often uncertain of what they want and of what they need in order to safeguard their homes or work premises. As mentioned in The Times, we receive many requests from people saying “We only need to wipe the surfaces”. However, people are often unaware of the need for a full thorough deep clean, or ‘antiviral cleanse’ and of the difference that these services can make.

The article below from The Telegraph emphasises how pointless anti-bacterial-wipes are.

Typically at BRS we don’t consider ourselves to be Domestic cleaners necessarily, as this usually involves daily housekeeping duties and what we specialise in are the one-off, deep cleans. However, people are gradually beginning to realise that regular cleaning just isn’t enough and Deep cleaning is fast becoming the new norm.

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Just a surface wipe is definitely not enough when it comes to deep cleaning especially during these challenging times.

It is very important, from the perspective of anybody pertaining to the cleaning industry, whether Domestic cleaners, Deep cleaners, specialist Builders cleaners, or anything similar, that the public are aware of what an actual Deep clean involves and what it really takes for a place to be deemed “clean’. At BRS we aim to be transparent in our service and communications, from the initial point of enquiry right through to the delivery of our service. We don’t make false promises, we do not promise to be able to completely eliminate any chance of contracting the Corona virus after booking one of our cleans, nor do we promise to make it magically disappear. What we offer is a thorough Deep clean, as per Governmental recommendation which we believe is one of the best things you can do to protect either your family at home, or any returning staff to the workplace.

The full article from The Times can be found here:

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