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BRS to start working with ISG, Exeter

By October 17, 2019July 8th, 2021No Comments


Having been contacted by them directly is a great achievement in itself, considering their leading position and prominence in the construction industry. ISG is a global construction company, stretching their services in more than 27 countries across three different continents Europe, Assia and Australia. In the UK alone, they have a strong national presence, with offices located in 16 different cities. ISG has participated in some of the major projects internationally producing extraordinary results with a high impact on the communities. To be trusted by such client, only emphasises how much we have grown in these seven years in the industry.

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We have been contracted to carry out an after Builders clean at a Tesco branch in Exeter in the South West. New build Tesco branches are very crucial and need to be professionally deep cleaned prior to opening. In addition, the premises will be trading food goods which increases the importance of performing a fully certified builders, sparkle and deep clean. With a seven years of experience in the industry, we are very confident that our cleaners are going to finish an incredibly job. Cleaning will involve deep cleaning of ceramic floor tiling with our rotary scrubber floor machine and cleaning and sanitising of refrigeration units. Works will commence later tonight and we have allocated an experienced team specific to this project. This is our first project for ISG and we hope that it will lead to many more!