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Builders clean in St Albans for Beechwood Homes

By October 11, 2015July 8th, 2021No Comments


4 stunning new build homes at High Grove, St Albans are now complete. All are left sparkling clean courtesy of the BRS team.

BRS cleaners carried out 3 cleans to each plot – a Builders clean, a Sparkle clean and a Pre-occupation clean. A Builders clean of both internal and external windows was also undertaken.

Now that they have each had a professional clean, the houses are at their best and are ready to be showcased to potential buyers ready for sale.

After all of the hard work of all of the other trades and management teams involved in a project of any size, it really is well worth planning ahead and arranging a professional Builders clean at the end to enhance both client satisfaction at handover and sales potential if the development remains in your hands.


High Grove, St Albans

High Grove, St Albans


Why should you choose BRS Cleaning for your scheme?

By choosing a professional and experienced Builders cleaning company such as BRS Cleaning Contractors, you can be sure that handover of your project will be a smooth transaction. Following a thorough Builders clean executed by BRS, there will be no complaints from your client about any specks of excess paint and by bringing our cleaners in again just before handover to carry out a Sparkle clean and/or a Pre-occupation clean, you can be confident that any dust that may have resettled since our last visit will be long gone.

While we typically cover a 50 mile radius of London, we are happy to consider working beyond this especially for larger developments.

Whether you have a single townhouse ‘out in the sticks’, a scheme of several houses or a block of flats in the city, we can assist with providing a high standard Builders clean package at a competitive price without compromising on the quality of cleaning.