Our Deep cleaning service can make a huge difference to the following:

Offices and financial institutions
Bluechip organisations
Retail outlets
Shopping centres
Leisure centres
Conference venues
Car showrooms
Airport terminals
Ferry terminals

When undertaking deep cleans, BRS have the capacity to clean all high-level areas such as ceiling vents, coving and all internal and external glazing. Large areas of carpeted flooring are fully vacuumed and then professionally cleaned. Hard flooring is professionally buffed, scrubbed and polished.

For all types of cleans, we are able to work outside of usual trading hours to meet your needs and to ensure that the clean does not impede on your usual business operations.


It is crucial for all food retailers to maintain high standards of cleanliness at their premises to protect their customers and to maintain their credibility. This is particularly true of equipment such as fridges and freezers which are in direct contact with food products. Regular maintenance can prevent food and dirt build up which could lead to irregular temperatures and subsequent food contamination. Food storage areas, fridges and freezers and equipment are all fully sanitised and all surfaces sterilised and restored to former condition.

You can trust us to deliver results

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Public Sector

Our cleaners use the top-to-bottom cleaning method to ensure that all areas are reached and that premises are given a thorough clean throughout. Our meticulous teams also make sure that invisible places are cleaned, going the extra mile to make sure that not even the smallest area is left untouched.

Healthcare and medical settings as well as learning environments require extra specialist professional attention to detail and enhanced processes such as disinfecting, fogging and the use of specialist chemicals and equipment.

For our Deep cleaning services we use NHS approved products that are proven to kill up to 99.9% of germs and bacteria after 5 minutes of contact time.



In general, a clean and hygienic environment goes hand in hand with a healthy workforce or population. Recent studies have even highlighted the links between cleanliness and positive psychology, a healthy state of mind, and mental wellbeing.

The outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic was an important reminder to us all, of the importance of maintaining standards of hygiene and cleanliness, especially to those who have a duty of care, such as Employers/Business owners, Health and Education providers and Government institutions.

What does our Coronavirus deep cleaning service involve?

A thorough deep clean of the entire premises from top to bottom
Sanitising and disinfecting of all areas and surfaces, substrates, fixtures, fittings, furniture, doors, door handles, till points, cashier desks, switches, sockets, handrails, banisters, doors, tables/desks, toilets, staff kitchen and breakout areas, offices, staff rooms, meeting rooms
Special attention to touchpoints and high-risk areas
Vacuuming of all flooring
Professional clean of hard flooring with rotary/buffer machine
Mopping of hard flooring with a disinfectant product
Washing all carpets with a disinfectant product