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What is Fogging Disinfection and why should you use it

By August 21, 2020July 8th, 2021No Comments


During these challenging times for our nation, many companies are trying their best to keep their services running and preventing this country’s economy from facing difficult times. As a cleaning contractor, we have been providing fogging disinfection to many of our clients and the results have been fantastic.

Many deep cleaning companies in London have also been adapting their services in order to fulfil the needs of their clients by adding new services or amending the existing ones. As many offices and workplaces are now reopening, the priority for any company is so their staff returns to a safe environment.

fogging disinfection

BRS deep cleaners have been helping companies across the south of the UK by providing what’s called “Fogging disinfection” as the preferred method when it comes to sanitising/killing bacteria at a work place.

What is fogging?

From its definition itself, it is a form of very fine mist of a mixture of water and chemicals which is then sprayed to all areas using a fogging machine. After a very careful research, BRS has taken this information on board and decided to use fogging as the perfect tool for disinfecting work premises, schools, care homes, hospitals, homes, etc. It can be said that fogging is similar to dry cleaning procedure however the product that is used is not heated to the point where it turns into a fogging from but it is more dissolved into the fine mist which is called fog.

fogging disinfection

Why choose fogging?

One of the benefits of using fogging is that it is very easy to reach areas which seem difficult to disinfect. For most part of a fogging disinfection procedure, it is unnecessary to move furniture around which saves a lot of time and increases productivity. Our London deep cleaners have been very busy offering this service in the pas few months disinfection and making workplaces safe once again.

Another benefit of using the fogging method is that the use of chemicals is at minimum. In addition, with the product that we use, there is less than 1% chemicals which are also 100% natural and they are all human body produced. “Sheildme”, the company who has created this amazing product that we use, guarantees that this product has been tested and aproved to be used in all areas as well as food or sprayed on humans and it is 100% allergic free.

Where is Fogging used?

When using fogging the limitations in regards to the surfaces that this can bu used are very low. Depending on the product that is used, fogging can be used pretty much in all areas. however, it worth noting that the fog comes in a wet fine mist which can damage areas which need to stay dry.

Dry fogging however overcomes this limitation by producing a dry “cloud” of chemicals which doesn’t moist surfaces where it is applied. Dry fogging is however less effective and it requires more application on particular surface in order to work efficiently.

Another benefit of using the disinfection method is that when the mist is applied on a surface, it evaporates withing a minute and creates a layer which kills 99% of the bacteria