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The 2nd decade of the 21st Century

By February 12, 2020July 8th, 2021No Comments


We are in the second month of the new year and we can already feel a wave of change upon us. The UK has left the EU, a new virus is alarming the world, technology is improving daily, people are becoming bombarded by all of the information available from all types of media. And the new decade is going to be all about information.

Social media has become the number one source of information and the main tool of marketing for companies of all sizes. But not all information is good information. A company’s reputation can be built but also destroyed all through the digital world. All it takes is a couple of bad reviews. This shows the importance of consistently delivering a high quality service.

At BRS we work hard to maintain our reputation as high quality Builders cleaners providers and we do this by consistently delivering high standards of service in a safe manner. BRS are CHAS, SMAS and Achilles accredited, and are also Constructionline Gold members which demonstrates our compliance with Health and Safety law and legislation.

In this new decade, the push towards becoming more environmentally friendly will become even more prominent and we will see more and more environmentally friendly strategies and tactics in the business world. Companies, especially SMEs are turning paperless in the UK and outside. Big companies are also investing on electric vehicles and low emission initiatives are undertaken from various organisations around the globe. Machinery is replacing more and more humans and humans themselves have turned suicidal, with a striking record of suicide being among the leading causes of death.

This decade will also bring a new generation of workforce. Gen Zen is the generation from 1998-1999. Many researchers in leadership and organisational behaviour argue that organisations will find it challenging in finding ways and leadership styles to manage them. They are the “generation of digitalisation”. Their whole world is linked with and through the world wide web.

Many companies are heavily researching and investing in understanding and training the new generations and training in particular is something that BRS are strongly committed to. BRS is investing in a culture of diversity and understanding. At least 40% of employees are Millennials, 35% are Gen y, around 10% are Gen Z, and the rest are Gen X.  Regardless of age, race, ethnicity or culture, it is important to utilise diversity in order to generate an output of creativity and innovation.

It is easy to say that a diverse team brings new perspectives but what it can also bring is conflict. Our philosophy at BRS however is built around harmony, understanding, and communication. We are a fast-growing Builders cleaning company with over 60 multiskilled employees and all share the same vision, driving us toward success and working hard together to maintain what we have built, and to continue to grow our reputation as high quality Builders cleaners providers.


This year we are working towards another certification to add to our wide portfolio – ISO.9001 certification. The implementation of this quality management system will help us increase the control of our business processes thus improving our consistency and ability to to provide high standards of service.

We have also applied to become a Tier 2 sponsor which will enable us to recruit highly skilled employees from around the globe. Globalisation is here and we can’t ignore it.

We are excited to see what the new decade will bring for BRS, amid this period of change as we continue to provide our clients with a cleaner, safer and sparkling future.