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Choosing a Builders cleaning subcontractor

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Choosing a new Builders cleaning Subcontractor

Trusting a project in the hands of a new Builders cleaning subcontractor can be a worrisome decision. Fears of bad workmanship and worries of failing to meet client deadlines can lead to surveyors and contracts managers to consistently sticking to the same supplier, even if their price is not the most competitive. The following list is a few tips for decision-makers when looking to award a new Builders cleaning package…

1. Track Record

Does the supplier have experience in the field of Builders cleaning?

If the cleaning company in question tend to carry out daily domestic cleaning, it is doubtful that their performance on a Builders site is going to be adequate. Likewise, if they have only ever carried out Builders cleaning at a single property, they ay struggle to cope with a development of 100+ flats. Examine their website and look for case studies of similar projects in size and scope of works.

2. Reputation

Do a Google search of the particular Builders cleaning company, check them out on social media and do some digging – do they have online ratings and reviews? How long have they been carrying out Builders cleans in the construction industry? Do previous customers seem to have had a positive experience with them? Have they successfully completed similar projects and are their clients giving them repeat business? Ask for references from existing clients for similar Builders cleans carried out – what were the company like to deal with? Did they offer helpful customer service and flexibility? How was their experience with the cleaners on site?

3. Be cautious of favouring the cheapest

It’s tempting to try out a new Builders cleaning subcontractor if their price means huge cost savings. But this should be approached with caution as although potential cost savings are enticing, the cheapest tender doesn’t always mean the best value overall. Many companies have hidden costs or their lack of experience and/or productivity leads to additional costs and issues at the end of the project such as them not being able to complete their works either due to a lack of man power or lack of standards, and another company having to be called in last minute to finish off.

4. Credentials

Health and Safety in the workplace is of paramount importance to the construction industry and Builders cleaning is not a trade exempt from this. What accreditation do the cleaners have to demonstrate their awareness of health and safety matters and the relevance of this to their particular works? Are the operatives CSCS qualified? Are the supervisors and managers SSSTS and SMSTS qualified? Do they have First Aiders? Ask to see copies of the company’s CHAS accreditation, Constructionline approval and any other certification. Request copies of the firm’s insurance details and check expiry dates.

5. Do they seem too good to be true?

Check through their terms and conditions and read the small print. Request RAMS well ahead of the start date and ensure that works are planned to be undertaken in a safe manner in accordance with site regulations.

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