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Commercial cleaners, Chelsea and the impact on company branding…

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The cleaning industry demands perfection and so does the retail industry.


Retail cleaning, Central London

Retail cleaning, Chelsea

When it comes to showcasing new products and designs, the need for perfection is profound. To say that a showroom needs to be spotless is an understatement. The displays must be sparkling and inviting, fresh yet exotic. Dust is a distasteful accompaniment to the ambience of lust and grandeur that the designers work so hard to create.

Commercial cleaners and their impact 

Striving for perfection in the retail world is akin to the quest for perfection in the cleaning industry. Both industries are concerned with appearance and atmosphere, organisation and reputation. A storefront needs to be pristine and welcoming; counters need to be polished and clutter-free. Carefully vacuumed and sanitised floors are a must. We have all heard the warning not to ‘judge a book by its cover’ but to do so is commonplace and somewhat natural. Would we be inclined to hire an interior design company to come in and transform our home if they cannot even keep their place of work intact? Probably not. Might we persuade more easily to purchase a new dress from a dusty and unkempt setup or from a crisp and contemporary boutique?  First impressions have a lasting impact.

Showroom cleaning in Chelsea

Showroom cleaning, Chelsea

Also of great importance to the overall customer experience is the aftermath. How do customers feel after having left a particular store? How do clients feel when vacating the premises of their trusted advisers? The aftermath of an individual’s initial encounter plays a critical role in the likelihood of repeat business. The mental associations of a place aid in the development of one’s overall conclusion of that particular company. ‘Shabbiness’ is synonymous with dirty surroundings whereas ‘luxury’ tends to be aligned with immaculateness. The memory of a fresh, perfumed smell  and the recollection of a glittering display of goods will long prevail. For example, Chanel may immediately connote luxury and elegance and such connotations may be formed in part by one’s experience at a  Chanel beauty counter for instance. It is apparent then, that the cleanliness of commercial premises can contribute quite convincingly to the branding of a company.

Cleaning in Chelsea

Although the above can easily resonate with anybody, anywhere in the retail world, it is all the more poignant in affluent areas such as central London – Kensington, Fulham and Chelsea in particular. With the average Chelsea home selling for around £4 million pounds (according to, Chelsea has long been a playground for the rich and famous. In such areas, high quality and perfection is mandatory. Esteemed and meticulous cleaners are thus a prerequisite.

BRS Cleaning Contractors Ltd arrange cleaners in Chelsea for several commercial clients to ensure that their premises are kept obligatorily clean and tidy. These clients range from high-end interior designer outlets to home furnishings and chandelier showrooms such as the Christopher Guy London showroom, Gladee lighting and The Design Club at the celebrated Chelsea Harbour Design Centre, to various other deluxe offices and stores. While some of our clients prefer daily maintenance cleaning, others are content with periodic deep cleans which often involve us carrying out a range of other complementary cleaning works such as carpet cleaning and window cleaning. We work together with our clients to establish and accommodate their commercial cleaning needs whether these needs be daily and contractual or on a more casual and intermittent basis.

Chandelier cleaning

Chandelier cleaning, Chelsea

BRS are trusted with maintaining our clients’ premises to the highest of standards. Achieving these standards and exceeding expectations is crucial for both our reputation as we grow and develop our company and for the reputation of our client, whether a new establishment or a well-known name. Our employees are used to even the most fastidious of standards and are trusted with cleaning valuable and delicate items. Our commercial cleaners have also undergone disclosure checks and signed confidentiality agreements which offers further peace of mind to our clients who can be comfortable in the knowledge that their establishment is in safe hands.

Hiring a professional cleaning contractor to help with the upkeep of commercial premises is an important decision as if cleaning is not carried out to a good enough standard, the impact can be time consuming and costly – not to mention embarrassing. The link between appearance and reputation, cleanliness and commercialism is worth consideration for retail executives, business owners and consumers alike, regardless of location. Are the consequences of skimping on cleaning really worth it to the brand of your organisation?



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