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Builders cleaners London

By May 9, 2018July 8th, 2021No Comments

Professional After Builders cleaners are obligated to cleaning a specific property from top to bottom including cleaning internal and external glazing, sills and frames, ensuring to remove excess paint, mortar, concrete and grout splashes, dusting ceiling coving and wiping walls, skirting boards and all surfaces to remove dust and removing excess paint and grouting splashes and sticky residue from bathroom and kitchen tiles. All flooring is generally vacuumed and mopped, or cleaned by hand or with a scrubber-dryer machine if particularly dusty.

You don’t have to venture far in London to come across another construction project. In fact, in areas of East London in particular, such as Bow, Isle of Dogs, Poplar, Barking, Hackney, Dalston, Walthamstow and of course, Stratford and Canary Wharf, there seems to be building works going on at almost every corner you turn. This is hardly surprising given the current housing shortage in London in general and the surge in the London population following Brexit.

As developers hasten to complete their projects, an important yet often overlooked step prior to completion, is ensuring to instruct a team of professional Builders cleaners to attend. With so many other different trades to organise, construction firms and builders often forget to book cleaners and leave it until last minute, treating it as a low priority. However, such companies are increasingly learning the importance of arranging a professional After Builders clean in order to showcase their works. A thorough Builders clean followed by a final Sparkle clean of an individual property or entire development allows the property to look it’s absolute best ready for client handover or immediate occupation.

After months or even years of hard work, a thorough clean prior to client handover really is the icing on the cake and is fast becoming an industry essential. Previously, some construction firms and smaller developers and builders had tried to save costs by having their labours clean up after themselves, only to find that this ended up being more costly for them due to damages, missed areas and lack of productivity, knowledge and experience. Builders cleaning is a service offered by many, especially in such a competitive marketplace as London, but Builders cleaning should not be treated as a low priority and cleaning packages should not be awarded with haste to the cheapest cleaners tendering. The difference a professional After Builders clean from an experienced supplier can make, compared to a rushed and inadequate job from labourers or inexperienced cleaning companies, is an instrumental step in the journey toward client satisfaction. Regardless of the scale of a project and the scope of works, the end result for all companies is the same – a happy client.

At BRS our teams of Builders cleaners are experienced in undertaking a variety of different sized projects, ranging from a single unit to a large development. Our office is based at the M25 Business Centre in Waltham Abbey, just outside of London, and as such, the majority of projects that we undertake tend to be around London, although we do have teams of cleaners available for Builders cleaning further afield for larger projects. From single luxury country manors to large city developments, warehouses, power plants, hospitals and schools, BRS Cleaners are able to assist.