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Back to Work Cleaning

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With the potential end of the official lock down in sight, many are turning their attention toward planning and preparing for the return to work/ return to office. This planning process will involve making sure that Government guidelines are followed and that the workplace is made as safe and clean as possible ready to welcome back returning employees.

back to work cleaning

Many workplaces have been closed for several weeks now, as many companies began initiating working from home policies even before the official lock down had been announced. Concerns of the lasting impact of the Coronavirus on businesses and the wider economy are rife, with more and more companies eager to return to work. It makes sense then, to begin planning for a return to work, as soon as is physically safe and possible. This will of course vary from industry to industry, depending on the nature of the works carried out. A critical step in the planning process for most workplaces will be the implementation of additional cleaning measures to ensure that the workplace is clean, safe and hygienic for its returning staff. It is important however that premises are not only given an initial thorough Deep clean, aka a ‘Back to work clean’, but that practices are in place to ensure regular maintenance is achieved.

At BRS we carry out specialist decontamination and disinfection cleans, allowing your business to resume its operations. Our services can be carried out 24 hours, at anytime of the day or night, allowing your business to go back to normal as soon as possible, with minimal disruption. We also offer a very fast turnaround with a rapid response.

In adherence with Government guidelines and advice from the British Institute of Cleaning Sciences, we have tailored a service which involves the correct use of chemicals and cleaning procedures to ensure that our cleaning methods are effective and safe. BRS provide all appropriate cleaning chemicals and equipment, including NHS approved cleaning products and PPE.

Types of Businesses currently using our services:

– Construction Sites – Temporary offices, porta cabins, welfare facilities

– Retail Businesses, especially those that experience heavy footfall

– Communal areas/ shared facilities/ shared offices

– Accommodation organisations and Housing Associations

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Our back to work deep cleaning can involve any of the following options:

  1. Disinfection of all visible and accessible areas with a fogging machine – this is the quickest solution and the cheapest, and also gives a fast turnaround meaning staff can return to work quicker. However, it is not as thorough as a deep clean. This is particularly recommended for large workplace premises.
  2. A manual deep clean of all areas from top to bottom including disinfecting touch points by hand – this is the most thorough method but is also the most time consuming and is not always practical for large areas.
  3. A combination of the above 2 methods – fogging of all visible areas with the fogging machine and then focusing on disinfecting touch points by hand – this is the method that we would recommend for most workplace premises as it is quick and practical.
  4. Fogging of all areas combined with a thorough manual deep clean and further disinfecting of the entire premises by hand – this is the golden choice but is inevitably the most time consuming and thus the most expensive of these options.

Back to Work Cleaning – Work premises Cleaning /Office Cleaning/Retail environments Cleaning

Many work places have been empty for quite some time now. Before an imminent return to work, protecting the welfare of staff and reducing the chances of sickness, especially Covid-19 related, must be a priority for all businesses, and it is therefore recommended to arrange to have a full professional deep clean of the premises. This would ensure the removal of any dust that would have settled whilst the premises have been empty, as well as a thorough disinfection of all areas to remove any germs and bacteria. This is particularly important for retail environments that receive a heavy daily footfall.

Arranging for a professional Deep clean and disinfection of the workplace will also reassure returning staff that their Employer has done all that they can to make their work environment as safe and hygienic as possible, and thus would encourage a more positive attitude amongst returning work colleagues. As the old proverb goes, ‘A tidy house is a tidy mind’, and the same applies to the workplace. If the workplace is clean and tidy, staff will feel more positive and in turn, are likely to be more productive.

back to work cleaning

Back to Work Welfare Cleaning – Construction Sites

Construction output in the UK is more than £110 billion per annum and contributes 7% of GDP with more than 2.73 million people working in this industry. This fact emphasises the importance of the role the construction industry plays in our economy and thus how important it is that we try to make it as safe an environment as possible, ready for all those employees set to return to work, for those sites that have closed. We have already been assisting those sites that have managed to remain open during the lockdown by implementing social distancing measures, etc with regular deep cleaning and disinfecting of their welfare areas.

As a company, we are After Builders cleaning specialists and so all of our teams are experienced and used to working in construction environments. Our staff are CSCS qualified and we also have SSSTS trained supervisors and First Aiders.

We offer a quick mobilisation of our teams to site and our teams can clean outside of hours in order to minimise disruption to works on site. This makes particular sense in the construction industry where the hours that welfare cleaning is carried out are particularly important due to the heavy footfall in this industry.

Back to Work Cleaning – Public Sector

Our teams are currently involved with projects that are critical to the national effort to reduce the spread and impact of Covid-19, including carrying out Public Health deep cleans such as cleaning hospitals and care homes.

For instance, we are currently assisting our construction client, Laing O’Rourke with the early handover of a hospital in Wales (The Grange University Hospital) in order to provide an additional 354 beds to the NHS. Our teams are busy carrying out deep cleaning of the new wards ready for imminent handover.

Other Public Health projects that we have been involved with include The Royal Hospital of East Surrey, a care home in Tottenham which our team worked hard to transform, ready to be used as temporary accommodation for Covid-19 patients and schools where we have been carrying out precautionary Deep cleans so that they are ready, should Government decide for them to re-open fully.

Regardless of your sector, budget and required scope, we can help! Get in touch with us today to plan your first steps to re-opening your workplace and to what we hope will be a gradual return to normality!

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